Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yes WE Can!

Watch THIS!

Then watch THIS!

Then watch THIS!

Then wrap it all up with THIS!

Yes WE can!
Yes SHE can!

A black president AND female dunker?! Didn't Nostradamus mention this stuff?

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jason said...

I had only seen the first video. It's pretty hard to not feel inspired by it. I would feel a lot better about the third video if Obama and McCain didn't have the EXACT same position on gay marriage. They're both bigots that don't want to come out and say they're bigots. They're both STRONGLY opposed to gay marriage, yet they are both opposed to having a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

I'm all for enjoying the hype and the rhetoric, but it's amazing how many positions are identical for both McCain and Obama. It's like Obama's so-called "anti-war" stance. On the positive side, he wants to end the war in Iraq, but at the same time in the rest of the world, he wants to add 65,000 soldiers to the Army, 27,000 Marines and spend an unbelievable amount of money on equipment and weapons. That's not my idea of anti-war.

[Oak Park's Democratic presidential Primary numbers: 13,187 for Obama, 3433 for Clinton, 154 for Edwards and 53 (52 other crazy people + me) for Kucinich. Just for the record, I did vote for Obama's delegates and his alternate.]