Monday, February 4, 2008

Another Awkward Eulogy...

While Texas Tech coach, Bobby Knight isn't exactly dead. He did exactly resign from his job today. This goes right up there with Ike Turner's death for... Where exactly do I catalog this in my head?

While both Ike and Bobby made HUUUUUUUUUGE contributions to their respective fields --- Bobby Knight as a Hall of Fame college basketball coach who has the record for the most wins in Division I NCAA Men's Basketball (902) and Ike Turner as one of the inventors of Rock & Roll (if you don't know check out the seminal track Rocket '88), both men have left a murky legacy. Both made historic talent discoveries: Bobby with two time NBA World Champion and Hall of Famer, Isaiah Thomas and Ike with of course Rock and Roll Legend (That's right I said ROCK & ROLL legend!) Tina Turner. However, both also have reputation for... well... How do I say this?... GOING UPSIDE THEIR PEOPLE'S HEADS!

This is such a sticky wicket. My friend Martha won't listen to Miles Davis because of his ADMITTED history of domestic violence. This is completely understandable. However my mom knows the same stuff about him and continues to listen. And I guess that is also completely understandable. Both my mom and Martha are strong independent women who don't make decisions like this without thinking. Where does the artist end and the person begin? And if the the person is a dick ("Dick" meaning abuser of women in Ike & Miles cases or boys in Bobby Knight & *insert Michael Jackson joke here* cases.), but what if their art is revolutionary? In modern society there is no way to not know what a celebrity's every move is But back in the day nobody knew nothing about Babe Ruth except that he hit the ball real hard and far.

Which is better? Which is worst?

I guess what I'm trying to say to Bobby Knight and Ike Turner is...



"Rest in peace???"

P.S. The record for the most wins in Division I NCAA Basketball is held by Pat Summitt with 966 and counting. All the wins are with The Tennessee WOMEN'S basketball team. And she never hit nobody.

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