Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Less than a year until my Rolling Stone subscription expires! HOORAY!

If you've seen my show, then you know that there is thread of my dissatisfaction with Rolling Stone Magazine and my subscription. I once wrote a letter asking then how I could cancel it. They printed the letter, but never responded to my question. (They edited out the "cancel" part.) Well, here they go again with their latest cover...





Ummm... in the same country that has both the disaster of the response to Hurricane Katrina AND The Jena Six... and that is just from one state. There is NO WAY that someone as rich and successful as this woman can be an American Tragedy.

Let's get this straight, she is a 26 year old white trash woman from a small town with two kids, an ex-husband and a drug problem. That's a tragedy for her family and friends. But that's NOT an American tragedy. That's just plain ole America.

P.S. Here is the cover of the first Rolling Stone. Yes, that is John Lennon. WHUTHAPPEN?


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lady griot said...

Very, very sad. Rolling Stone used to be leading edge.