Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is somewhat my emotional state leading up to my show.


pk said...

damn, that man dick speaks the truth. sleeping pills in water, malt liquor, lead, and manganese? really?

i liked seeing cornell west laughing in the background as the rant continued.

thanks for posting clips like these. great food for thought.

looking fwd to yr show on sunday night in berkeley.

pete kim

Dean said...

Dick Gregory rocking the Frederick Douglass beard. Still vital, still outraged... that's cool.

Ericka said...

So... when you come to your blog now, the google ad on the top reads:

Dog Chapman back on TV.
Sign petition. Get Bounty Hunter back on the air.

Oh. Kay. Good target marketing there, googlebot.

As for me, I want to see Dick Gregory to go bounty hunt DOG's butt.