Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wanna be incensed by capitalism's excess?

I found the following article over at, a database for everything Hollywood...

Cody To Wear Million Dollar Shoes to Oscars

Oscar nominee Diablo Cody will look like a million dollars when she steps out on the red carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday - literally. The Juno writer, a former stripper, has been chosen to wear footwear designer Stuart Weitzman's million dollar shoe to the big event at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. The "Retro Rose" shoe features two Kwiat diamond roses, fixed to 1940s-style beige metallic T-strap high heels. More than 1,800 Kwiat diamonds weighing 100 carats were used to make the roses and 400 of them have been incorporated into the design of the shoe, which is worth over $1 million. Shoe mogul Weitzman has also created a ballerina flat with a similar diamond-like design, which Cody will change into after she walks the red carpet and kicks off her high heels. This is the first time Weitzman has created a changeover pair of shoes with a matching design element for use at the Academy Awards. He says, "I think it is great and typically Diablo that she chose to be not just glamorous but also practical in her choice of shoes for this year's Academy Awards."

Ok... I'm not normally THIS PERSON --- the person who gets all twisted by the excesses of capitalism. I have watched Pimp My Ride and MTV Cribs and marveled and laughed and gawked with the best and the rest of them.) But MILLION DOLLAR SHOES?! It obviously goes without saying (but here I go) that the only reason these shows exist is so that articles would be written and TV commentators would say things like, "I couldn't even afford one shoe BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!" And also they were made so that we could all go, "Golly gee! The stars sure are better than us!"

The same people who participate on all this Oscar night commerce (I've already started hearing about those fucking goodie bags.) are the same people who CLAIM that they care about global warming. Isn't all this stuff related? Needless product manufacture AND the ozone layer? And remember when they cared about the war in Iraq? Ahhhh... two years ago... A simpler time.

And no, it doesn't help to mention that she used to be a stripper. Not even a little bit... Although it does make me wonder if the heels are clear (That's a Chris Rock reference for all you uninitiated.)

P.S. Does anybody think this is even more disturbing since she wrote the teen pregnancy movie?

P.P.S. This is what happens in a world without superheroes. If people could fly and shoot laser out of their eyes, we wouldn't care about million dollar shoes.


Ericka said...

I don't know, I think the "...a former stripper" tag lends a certain je ne sai quois to it.

Like this:

Dateline: Stockholm, October 11, 2113

Double winner of this year's Nobel Prize for Peace and Literature, Ericka Lutz, a former stripper, took the stage to deliver a few poignant comments...

I've been planning that one for, oh, DECADES now.

jason said...

My favorite somewhat related story:
and my favorite part of the story:
On the eve of a recent Oscars, one TV star decided she was less than thrilled with her designer gown - or rather the way she looked in it.

It seems there was a tiny bump of fat which stuck out over the back of her dress. Rather than change her outfit, she dialled Manhattan dermatologist Dr Patricia Wexler, who says "it was easier to do a little liposuction than to fix the dress."

mermaidintherudder said...

Was Diablo Cody her stage name?

The existence of a million dollar bra or million dollar shoes in a world where babies and people die for lack of food and water



tiny lil' heart.

Warren said...

I'm always behind, but I guess she read the same article you did and found out they were million dollar shoes. In the end she didn't wear them because they were million dollar shows. She wore her own shoes...probably from the stripper store...and I guess now is getting sued or something by the shoe maker. Just an update from the "Stripper and Shoes" section of the paper.