Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dice crapped out OR What a difference 20 years can make. OR This blog is SEXIST! WARNING!

Confession Time:

When I was in high school, I was a fan of Andrew Dice Clay. One of my friends (I think it was Rob.) had a copy of his debut album called... Dice. It was a big deal at the time. It was produced by Rick Rubin who was the co-founder of Def Jam Records with Russell Simmons. Rick and Russell are basically responsible for the business of rap. They discovered The Beastie Boys and LL Cool J, Public Enemy AND Oran "I saw YOU... and him... walkin' in the rain." Jones. At the time, Rick Rubin looked like this...


And now he looks like THIS!


THIS guy produces Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Dixie Chicks, Metallica, Justin Timberlake, U2, Neil Diamond, and Johnny Cash's last 5 albums.

But back in the late 80's, he produced Andrew Dice Clay a comic from Brooklyn who was born Andrew Silverstein. And in high school me and my group of friends (who were entirely Jewish --- except for me) thought he was HILARIOUS. In fact Dice's second album (or actually cassette tape) was one of the handful of comedy performances that made me want to do comedy. And YES, Dice was (and is) totally insulting, sexist, racist, homophobic. (He was everything but anti-Semitic. --- Hmmm? Curious?) I cant really explain why we liked him other than the flush of teenage hormones and... well, that's probably plenty. Well here was Dice then.



Anonymous said...

Believe me, he looks even worse than that now. That video was quite some time ago.

Alex said...

Rubin tried to work with the Black Crows, but he wanted to call them The Kobb Kounty Krows. So sayeth Behind the Music. I think it's pretty subtle.

Dice...that saddens me. Good thing I can watch Adventures of Ford Fairlane whenever I want.

Dean said...

It's like some standup comedy version of Rocky Horror Picture Show...