Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I care as much about The NBA as I do about The Presidential Race. *BASKETBALL GEEK ALERT*

Which is to say that care A LOT about both of them. Even if I don't have much control over either. I get just as worked up and just as frustrated and celebrate the victories just as enthusiastically. And for any highbrow people who think that politics has more to do with your quality of life than politics... YOU OBVIOUSLY WEREN'T IN CHICAGO WHEN MICHAEL JORDAN & THE JORDANNAIRES WERE COLLECTING UP ALL THOSE CHAMPIONSHIPS LIKE THE GREEN PARTY COLLECTS RECYCLED PAPER.

That time in Chicago watching those teams were some of the best and most thrilling times of my life. The Bulls coach, Phil Jackson often compared Michael Jordan to Michelangelo. I don't think that's inaccurate. Although, Michel never dunked on Dikembe Mutumbo and THEN waved his finger, soo maybe Michael was better,

BUT ANYWAY... I am both excited by Barack's continued ALMOST success. (It's not real success until he's in The White House. Moral or pyrrhic victories don't count for black people the way they used to. The way they did with Jesse Jackson and Shirley Chisholm in '72.)

AND I am excited to see what happens in The Western Conference of The NBA with all the big trades of late: Pau ("I don't need no stinkin' L!) Gasol to The Lakers AND Shaquille O'Neal to The Phoenix Suns AND as of today Ason Kidd (He could use a J.) to The Dallas Mavericks. Who would've ever thought that Jason Kidd would WANT to go back to Dallas? He ran the hell out of there just eleven short years ago. And now he's happily back.

And yet, I stil don't think it's going to be enough to stop The Lakers... I can't believe after everything Kobe could be a world champion again. Although if I had to choose between that and Hillary as president... Well... I'm thinking.

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Alex said...

Maybe Kidd can help the Mavs to that 360 degree turnaroound he once promised.