Friday, January 25, 2008

The W. Kamau Bell Curve Ends Phase 1...

So the last show of our once a month four show run at The Shelton Theater is over. And it was awesome. (And I'm not just saying that because it's MY show... Well, at least that is not the ONLY reason.) Since the December show, me and my newly added director, Martha Rynberg, worked really hard to script the show and make sure the message was CLEAR (also we worked hard to make it hilarious-er). And as a result the show was smoother and more on point than ever before. It still feels likes a work in progress, but last night was truly special and. It was another packed house of receptive and racially diverse people (many who were stealing my money through our " Bring a Friend of a Different Race & Get in 2For1" promo) And something happened last night that has never happened to me in my entire more than decade long comedy career... I got a standing ovation. Yikes.

Also, my mom, Janet Cheatham Bell, flew in from Bloomington, Indiana to see the show. That was AWESOME! Although, I forgot to introduce her (along with my director and several other people) and the end of the show to the audience... which was totally thr opposite of awesome.

Anyway, I want to use this blog as a way to thank many of the people who worked hard on this run of the show. These people were there for every show, most donating their time & skills, and without them, I would have just been a crazy guy, ranting in an empty theater, in the dark talking about, "I swear it's true! I read it on the Internet!"

In no particular order other than psychological...

My Producers and friends Bruce Pachtman and Lisa Marie Rollins
My friend Danielle "Just tell me what to do and I'll do it." Hoffman
My graphic designer and friend Lee "So, you need this tomorrow. right?" Hahn
My friend and Chief Transportation Engineer and Superior Supporter, Jenny J. Johnson
Paul E. Hunt and the MANY Musicians of Conjure who graced the stage and raised the bar every show
My Future Star of The World, Friend, and DIRECTOR Martha Rynberg

Special shout out to Mike Paunovich & Webec Faulkner for filming and to Adam "Why haven't you gotten more of my brilliant photos of you in the papers?" Davis fo rnot only taking all the press photos but also for showing up and shooting LIVE!

Also, thanks to Hiya Swanhuyser at The SF Weekly, Kimberly Chun at The SF Bay Guardian, and Reyhan Harmanci at The SF Chronicle who all wrote incredible pieces on me and the show.

And finally (and maybe mostly) THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SHOWED UP and wanted to see what this dude was up to with this crazy thing.

And the awesome news is that THE CURVE will be BACK March 1st & 2nd at The East Bay Jewish Community Center. The Curve will live ON and ON and ON and ON and...
The Love of My Life Melissa "Maloops" Hudson


Anonymous said...

Kamau, I am so so so happy for you. You deserve every second of that standing O. I can tell it felt really, really good. BRAVO.

Rebecca Faulkner said...

You're welcome!

And thank YOU for such an uh-mazing show. We are both so glad we got to see it.