Monday, January 7, 2008

OF COURSE Hillary Clinton is qualified and capable of being Preisident.

But I think the wheels are coming off the bus.

How did THIS...

end up like THIS...

Clinton Makes an Emotional vow To Fight On

I'm not saying that crying is a sign of weakness... (despite what my dad told me when I was a kid) ... Hell, the older I get the more I cry at the drop of the third act of an Adam Sandler movie. I actually cried at the end of Cool Runnings, the Disney Jamaican Bobsled movie. So I'm not of those Men-Who-Don't-Think-Women-Should-Cry guys. Although American history does show that Americans aren't kind to politicians that cry. (For more information see Edmund Muskie & The 1972 Presidential Election and Pat Schroeder & The Presidential Election of 1988.) I think the problem with Hilary is Hilary.

Much like AL Gore before her, Hillary doesn't know exactly how to use Bill Clinton to her best advantage. While she isn't running from him at the speed of light like Gore did, she isn't exactly putting him out there to lead the parade. Big Bill is undoubtedly one of her big strengths (arguably her biggest --- He is an EX-PRESIDENT after all.), and yet she is clearly uncomfortable with where to place him... something about not wanting to look like she's relying on him (WHO CARES?) or not wanting to look like she can't do it without him front and center at all times (AGAIN, WHO CARES?). This disconnection leads to strange moments. Like in Iowa, after the results were in. Hillary was the only candidate who didn't thank her spouse. Every other candidate whose speech I watched was quick to thank their spouse. (Okay. Admittedly, I didn't watch Duncan Hunter's concession speech. What is a Duncan Hunter anyway? --- Oh, thanks.) Huckabee thanked his spouse. Barack walked up holding his spouse's hand. Edwards was even INTRODUCED by his spouse! (Does that mean he is exploiting her cancer?) Hillary actually made a big effort to thank people at the end of her speech and STILL she never got to Bill. Now I know this wasn't an oversight. I'm sure it was a carefully calculated decision on the part of Hillary's team (which I'm guessing includes Bill.) It was made even stranger by the fact that he stood over her shoulder during the speech.

And then in Hillary's attempt to win back support during the New Hampshire Debate, in addition to directly attacking Barack (bad move), she let loose with this gem.

Uh oh, aren't we supposed to judge you, Hillary, (to paraphrase MLK, JR) by the content of your character and not by the lack of something between your legs?

I repeat. The wheels are coming off the bus.

Well, here goes... Now, I'm just going to say it. Hillary Clinton's run for president has the familiar feeling of Kobe Bryant buying his wife a four million dollar diamond ring after his accusation of rape. I'm sure Vanessa Bryant deserved a four million diamond ring, but even she would have to admit that the timing was odd. It was clear to all of us that Kobe was buying her off. And I am wondering if Hillary's run for president is her way to buy off the public's memory of her as the Most Famous Wife of a Philanderer of All-Time. And before anyone gets too fired up remember what the title of this missive is...


But as we all know, that simple fact is not all it takes to actually become president. In fact it may even not be relevant at all.

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Anonymous said...

i tink hillary is a lady who has the potenial to become our president. she is a lady who has alot of experience. she is very capable. we really need change in our political world. she can bring the change. we need someone to take the right choices and make everything better NOT worse. she is the right person.