Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How do you spell "conspiracy"? OR Go poll yourself.

I wouldn't be worth my weight in black if I didn't believe in a good old fashion conspiracy every once in a while.

So let me get this straight.

Hillary is projected to win the Iowa caucus.

Hillary comes in third.

Barack is projected to smoke Hillary in The New Hampshire Primary. (Which is supposed to be Hillary territory.)

Hillary wins, and it is called an upset. WHO THE HELL WERE THEY POLLING?!

Would someone please explain to me exactly HOW this is different than sports?

None of this really matters since I live in California and am a Liberal (well maybe a Liberaltarian). Becuz when the real big presidential election comes, since CA is a blue state, they won't count my vote any way.


And now the media has made me mad at Hillary. And I really don't know how I feel about Barack either. Although I think he should keep the gravelly voiced thing going. It works for him. The hard part about this is it really is a popularity contest. At this point there is no way to know which one of them will be a better president. I just know I like the way Barack "feels" more than Hillary.

Yes, I believe I mean that both ways. She seems like you might get a paper cut from touching her.

Ahhh fuck it. Read this instead.

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jcbell said...

Great commentary! Wish I had said, "Go poll yourself."

I know for maximum benefit,, you'd like to be in a swing state. But you're lucky to be in a blue state. My vote for Barack really won't count because I am in a red state where the electoral college throws away! all the non Republican votes.