Sunday, January 13, 2008

I start teaching my Solo Show class tomorrow..

I've been working all day on trying to create and print up ONE FREAKING worksheet. Freaking Microsoft Excel. Freaking Macs, Freaking me not taking time to read instructions.

Now sleep.


lady griot said...

Not only read the instructions first, but maybe, I don't know, not waiting until the LAST MINUTE to start the work.


mermaidintherudder said...

I can be your apple tach whenever you want. I grew up with tech support in house.



Dean said...

When you say, "Now Sleep," do you mean you or the computer?

readingwritingliving said...

Wahh! I wish I could be there! I want to be in this class so bad! When are they going to approve human cloning? Aghhhh...

But I WILL come to the show.