Thursday, October 30, 2008

Racists for Obama.

Article on Politico

My "favorite quote" from the article is...

“If you go to a white neighborhood in the suburbs and ask them, ‘How would you feel about a large black man kicking your door in,’ they would say, ‘That doesn’t sound good to me,’” said Democratic political consultant Paul Begala. “But if you say, 'Your house is on fire, and the firefighter happens to be black,' it’s a different situation.”

In summary... we're doomed.


Eboni said...

As I black person I knew this day would come but I also knew american wasn't ready.... does that mean obama wont win? i doubt it!

lady griot said...

America, America, my country, but not my kind. Now I know that when DuBois referred to the talented tenth, he meant the 10% of people who actually have the ability to be rational, and that does not include political pundits.