Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Siskel & Negro Podcast episode 19

I never do enough to promote this podcast which is a shame, because it is HILARIOUS. For those of you that don't know. It is a semi-regular podcast that is hosted by Roof Top Comedy and available on iTunes, and it stars ME, my comedic cohort Kevin Avery and, that undiscovered and under used comedic genius, Katherine P. MacMurphy. Teh topic of the podcast is supposed to be the entertainment industry but is just as likely to be us all making fun of each other. I really think we are getting better and better at it, and even my mom listens to it.

Enough with the pitch... Here's the latest episode.

We have begun to do more and more, even though Kevin has moved to Los Angeles, so keep on the look out for more. I'm really happy to be doing more, because doing the podcast is much more simple fun than ending racism in about an hour.

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Dean said...

Thanks for Episode 19 and congratulations on the engagement