Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hari Kondabolu is my NEW favorite comedian

And this is kind of a big deal. I haven't had a new favorite since me and Jason listened to that Bill Hicks' cassette tape (THAT'S RIGHT CASSETTE TAPE!!!) of Relentless. Well, I had the enduring pleasure of working with Hari this past week in several Laugh Out The Vote comedy shows here in San Francisco. The shows were organized by my political mentor and fellow comedian, Nato Green. I have feeling Nato knew that I would like Hari.

Watching Hari work onstage is like watching Malcolm X on a talk show, extremely angry, extremely eloquent, scathingly hilarious, and truthful... without ever raising his voice. I can't stop quoting his jokes. My favorites are Smithsonian Diamond Exhibit, When in Rome, and Sandnigger (my title.. not his) My future wife, Melissa, must be getting tired of me doing his jokes.

He has several clips of his stand-up available online at his website, but I think you should start with his critically acclaimed short film, Manoj...

MANOJ (Unedited Festival Version)

Hari also has some of the coolest friends you'd ever want to meet.

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