Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ways to End Racism #1

Fishbone Logo Fishbone is without a doubt the hardest working band in show business. Fishbone was begun by a bunch of high school friends in 1979 in Los Angeles and rose from the same punk/ska/funk/metal/alternative rock/kitchen sink scene as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction, and later No (bleh) Doubt.

They have had many different incarnations over the years with the only two constants being the barely dressed, lead singer/saxophonist/theremin player (THAT'S RIGHT! THEREMIN PLAYER) Angelo Moore Angelo Moore

And the even less barely dressed, singularly dreadlocked, dizzying slap funk 5 string bass of Norwood Fisher. Norwood Fisher

They do everything Red Hot Chili Peppers do (or did when they were GOOD) and more. They easily go from hardcore punk, to shake your ass 70's funk, to 80's ska, to songs that sound like all of that at once. They have hooks that would STILL make James Brown proud and crunchy guitars that should embarrass all current rock b(L)ands. Why aren't they famous?...

For more on this check out my new blog site LET'S END RACISM!

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pete kim said...

yo kamau, it's so cool (but not surprising) that you write about these guys because they are one of my favorite bands of all time and i've always wondered (not really) why they never got the pub and fame of other (white) bands. the first time i saw them was in 1989 in hollywood and a small local band called "no doubt" opened for them. you might have heard that they got a bit more famous than the 'bone, even tho they don't have the chops. whatever - nice to see you pimp them, but aren't they reduced to only playing hippie stoner fests now? i know they played in berkeley recently, but none of my friends wanted to go, and i wasn't sure if they would still be good, to be honest. did you go?