Thursday, July 31, 2008

A popular question around these parts...

Lemme answer a question that I’m sure is in the minds of many of you out there.

No, I have not watched CNN’s Black in America… for a couple of reasons.

1)I’m kind of busy BEING black in America. In fact wrote a whole show about it. You should come out and see it sometime. The Guardian actually named me the best comedian in San Francisco. Anyway…

2)The second reason is that I have it Tivoed, but I have other things I need to watch first. Last night’s Project Runway. Tonight’s my life on the D List. About twenty episodes of Cash in The Attic on BBC America. I’ll get to it. I promise.

Actually I need to watch it because I am pitching a follow up show, called “CNN’s White in America.” The best part is it will be really cheap to produce. Black in America was like four hours long spread out over two nights. YIKES! White in America will just be fifteen seconds long. It just consists of my white friend, Jeremy Townsend, saying, “Uhhhh… things are pretty good.” OK, actually it’s like fie seconds. I just cut the budget by two thirds. Hollywood will love that.

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