Monday, July 7, 2008

Watch my audition for HBO's Def Comedy Jam.

I threw in the attitude for free.


pete kim said...

ok, sorry for the flurry of comments, but i'm back at work after a week vacation and am not quite up to full speed - so i'm surfing. a lot.
anyways, that clip is pretty much the epitome of KILLING IT and i hope you get up on the vaunted hbo stage. i wonder if you'll have more election jokes in yr one man show than you did a few months back when i saw it in berkeley?

anyways, congrats and keep on speaking the truth with the nice sugar coating of laughter.

"are you counting black voters this year?" ouch.

j said...

So do you know? Are they counting black votes this year? God, I hope so. You slay me. Looks like you slayed all a' 'em.

I am so glad you speak into a microphone.

Already officially the Best in SF. Next all of Cable!!

hey, check this link

yagirlaj said...

Thanks for bringing a show like that to SF. It was great to not have to trek to the East Bay - especially for us true San Franciscan's who still don't drive. You're stinkin' hilarious! Keep up the good work :)