Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jokes that I was asked to submit to The San Jose Mercury News...

They wanted jokes about what Barack will do when he first gets to office.

As you will see I tried to steer clear of all the "starting the meetings on colored people time" and other Fuzzy Zoeller/Don Imus-esque nonsense.

Here are my attempts at humour. (Take special note the use of the British spelling of "humor.")

People ask me, "What do you think Barack Obama will do in office?" "As the first black president, I'm guessing the first thing he'll do is get blamed for things that George W. Bush did."

Can you imagine how many times the presidential motorcade is going to get pulled over for, DWB, driving while black?

He'll have to retrain the Secret Service to stop getting nervous every time there's a black guy around.

Barack will have many things to keep himself busy when he first gets into office --- He'll have to balance the budget. He'll have to figure out how to pull The US out of Iraq. He'll have to dodge bullets.

I talked to the reporter, Mark de la Vina, who interviewed myself and other comedians, including Mr. Paul Mooney and Will Durst (who actually recommended me for the story). He is super cool, and apparently the article will be on the front page of The San Jose Mercury News on Thursday. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Now, I have to figure out where to buy a copy of The San Jose Mercury News.


Anonymous said...

There used to be a few coin operated racks the financial district of SF, although I am not sure these are still in service. If you want a paper copy of the story you may have to drive down the Peninsula, possibly as far as Menlo Park.

If you are satified with an electronic version you will be able to find it at

Dean said...

Or I can buy a couple of copies and mail 'em to you...