Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I know you're busy Jason, but....

You HAVE to watch this...

Yes, that's Rage Against The Machine. And YES! They are dressed like prisoners from Guantanamo. And yes, they keep the masks on the whole song.

AHHH, I feel so young. This kind of protest takes me back to the early 90's.

Cassette tapes, personal ads in the newspaper, Sony Discmans, carrying around extra AA batteries, and thinking a girl liked me only to find out later that she wasn't that interested or didn't know I existed.


jason said...

It concerns me that I think I can still remember the name of every single one of those girls. I'm sure there has to be something better that I could stick in my head. Thanks for the video. It was the perfect ending to a very long day.

pete kim said...

hey kamau,
i met you when you did your show at the jcc a few months back. i'm the guy who broght the ego trip "big book of racism" and i showed you my "try" tatoo. ANYways, that's all irrelevant.

i've seen on your blog how you love rage from way back in the day, but i wonder if you really think that they're so "revolutionary'?

i always thought that their political stance was suspect because a) some of them went to harvard (and establishment hub if there ever was one) and b) they release records on sony (a huge coporate label).

i mean, if they really wanted to "rage against the machine" then how could they be part of it? why don' t they self-release cds or sell them for only $10 like fugazi?

i always call them "rage against the microwave" because i don't think they're all that. the music is eh AND they attract a big fratboy daterape crowd and their politics are suspect.

my two cents.