Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The W. Kamau Bell Curve IS BACK!

Racism can't keep me and The Curve away...

Every Thursday for six weeks May 8 through June 12 at The Shelton Theater.

The W. Kamau Bell Curve
Now with 37% more Barack Obama!
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JUST LIKE LED ZEPPELIN, skinny jeans, and The Boston Celtics, racism continues to make a comeback in America. White people haven’t talked this bad about un-white people since Martin Luther King had that dream. And since The W. Kamau Bell Curve opened last October to end racism in about an hour, racism has redoubled its efforts. First the co-discoverer of DNA said that Europeans are smarter than Africans. Then Dog The Bounty Hunter tried to break Michael Richards record for the most ‘N’ words. Then an unknown golf commentator told a good old-fashioned lynching joke about her friend Tiger Woods. And recently it’s become trendy to say, “I hate China!” And somehow in the middle of all this, America might elect its first black president… unless Fox News has something to say about it. (See Fox’s coverage of Jeremiah Wright.) Well, W. Kamau Bell is mad as hell and he's not going smile politely anymore as his un-black friends go, "Sarah Silverman isn’t racist. She’s ironic." "The W. Kamau Bell Curve" is one part diatribe, one part manifesto, and several parts funny. And now that "The Curve" has moved from monthly to weekly, it will change as quickly as the world around it does. It will be a fresh as the news it skewers. And as always...

Bring a Friend of a Different Race and get in 2FOR1.

This past winter, The W. Kamau Bell Curve played to sold out houses at The Shelton Theater in San Francisco as well as the Jewish Community Center in Berkeley. And now it's back by popular demand and critical acclaim...

"W. Kamau Bell plays against type and comes with not only the insights you wish you had spewed first but also the wit."
--- Kimberly Chun, The SF Bay Guardian

"Smart, stylish, and very much in the mold of politically outspoken comedians like Dave Chappelle and Margaret Cho, Bell's pissed off about recent celebrity racism... Bell manages to make jokes out of the whole situation, while remaining completely furious."
-- Hiya Swanhuyser, The SF Weekly

"W. Kamau Bell Curve could be this nation’s first Truth and Reconciliation Hearing on Race."
-- Wanda Sabir, Wanda’s Picks.


So come join me! Lotsa new stuff if you've seen it before, and if you haven't... What's your problem? Get your tickets over at Brown Paper Tickets RIGHT NOW.

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