Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This issue might, MIGHT be as important as ending racism...

I just watched The Story of Stuff, a flippin' BRILLIANT short film by Annie Leonard that manages to address the problems of global warming without ever actually saying the words 'global warming'...

(Editor's note: Every time I hear the words 'global warming' I want to throw up, because to me 'global warming is just another cause that liberals will pick UP and put rigth back down when they get bored. Remember Darfur anybody?)

Annie Leonard attacks the problems created by global warming on such a macro level that you'll immediately feel guilty about that your new cellphone adapter, or your new grande chai latte, or your "needing" new shoes. (All of those describe me as I type this by the way.)

The film also manages to encourage recycling while at the same time talking about the folly of it.


The clip below is just the introduction. The whole film is about 20 minutes long in total, and you can find it in bitesize chunks on YouTube or you can just go to www.thestoryofstuff.com and download the whole thing for free.

P.S. Annie Leonard for President!
P.P.S. Thanks, Martha!


mermaidintherudder said...

That book was part of my reading at PCC last year.
Good book. Glad this is out now. Hadn't heard.
This issue IS about racism. With infant mortality rates, asthma, poison ground water for indigenous land "preserves," and other environmentally related health issues it all comes back to racism, Papì.
I like the book because it's so positive about something so awful. She allows for connections between people and how they live.
I like it.
I love it.
Thanks for posting it.

j said...

La la la
I can't stand it.



The locals are restricted from driving, children can't go to school for unsafe air days, yet, HERE COMES NASCAR!

To "bring international flair to Mexico City."
Really? Not the other way around?

yeah, it's so totally related

The San Jose, CA races locked many poor out of there rental apartments and homes for over a week.

God Bless America.

all of it

Sean said...

Hey, Kamau!

Here's something from an email I just sent to Aubrey...

The first thing is that global warming is bullshit. It's a two-word soundbite term for a slightly more complicated phenomenon. Here's a more accurate description. What I'm talking about is a change in climate and weather patterns as a result of an increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere. And the increase in greenhouse gases is a very convincing explanation for that rise in temperature.