Sunday, November 2, 2008

A great definition of WHITE PRIVILEGE: ANDY ROONEY

WOW! I actually found a white man older and more out of touch than John McCain.

Ever wonder what people mean when they talk about White Privilege?

(Or at least what I mean when I talk about White Privilege?)

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My "favorite" line...

"If someone doesn't have a job, it probably isn't because there are no jobs that need doing. It's more likely to be because the jobs available aren't the kind of work a lot of unemployed people want to do."

Seriously, Mr. Rooney? SERIOUSLY?! At least have the courage to have your feet propped up on an undocumented worker while you say that, Mr. Rooney.

I've worked in condom store, and ice cream shop, a medical bookstore, Michael Jordan's Restaurant, as a janitor in my old high school (AFTER I graduated), and a nanny (among numerous other jobs). NONE of those jobs is as good as being a writer. If they had been I'D STILL BE DOING THEM... And I love those kids.

Mr. Rooney, take your "Poor People Are Lazy and Unmotivated" speech and shove it up your swollen prostate... Or take it to the Republican National Committee fundraiser circuit. Your choice.


Dean said...

Sometimes unemployed people would rather get MORE money from unemployment calculated on their last income than LESS money from a crappier current job. Trust me on this one, Andy...

I'm buying a U-Haul trailer for my writer's ego...

mermaidintherudder said...

sometimes unemployed people are disabled and uninsured, because we tie medical benefits to work... and I was hurt at work...
losing my job meant losing my medical insurance.

With McCain's plan I would never be insurable. Ever.

Not coverage anyone I know could afford, none. No coverage. I could travel to all 50 states trying. That's his plan.



"Some of my best friends are middle-class, white males."

Andy Rooney is an ASS.
Hope one of his "domestic staff" forgets his meds.

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