Friday, May 30, 2008

OK, first Scott McClellan, then Rupert Murdoch, THEN Clay Aiken?

Clay Aiken reportedly expecting a baby
Singer and woman who worked on his album used artificial insemination
Access Hollywood
updated 5:06 p.m. PT, Thurs., May. 29, 2008

LOS ANGELES - Clay Aiken is reportedly going to be a dad.

The former “American Idol” alum, 29, will be the father of Jaymes Foster’s baby, the sister of record mogul David Foster. Celebrity Web site reports that multiple sources have confirmed the news to the gossip site.

Foster, 50, who was reportedly artificially inseminated, is due in August. The two live together in Los Angeles. The singer will have an active role in raising the child, reports TMZ.

Foster was married for 23 years, but has no children.

When contacted by Access Hollywood, a rep for Aiken wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Last month during an interview with Billy Bush, Aiken said he has worked with Jaymes Foster for years.

“(She) is the executive producer of the (new) album,” Aiken told Bush. “She’s been my executive producer for the last two years.”

During the interview with Bush, Aiken also spoke about the topic everyone always wants to know about — his sexuality.

“Does it play to your advantage to leave it as a mystery?” Bush asked.

“Does it play to my advantage?” Aiken laughed. “I don’t really know. Maybe so, I don’t know.”

Aiken admitted when attention turned to his sexuality during his “Idol” run, it was a tough time.

“It can be difficult initially. I think when you get into anything and you’re not used to people scrutinizing this, that or the other… it bothers you,” Aiken noted. “After awhile you kind of just say, ‘Forget this… This is not who I am, this is not about me, what I want to do is be a singer, want to be an entertainer, and forget all that stuff.’”

And while he may not be ready to comment publicly on his love life, Aiken said he lets the music on his new album, “On My Way Here,” speak for itself.

“Some of the songs on the album are personal, some of them are not personal, some of them are very universal and I like to keep that — allow people to interpret it that way,” he said. contributed to this report.



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Does anybody read the LABELS section of the blog entries? They're hidden gems like the Sergio Aragones marginals cartoons in MAD magazine...

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I'm honored.