Sunday, March 9, 2008

When I ffound out that Bjork had offended the Chinese I was sure it was another case of celebrity racism...

But leave it to Bjork to be different as usual.

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pete kim said...

yeah, that icelandic princess is definitely a few herrings short of a full tin. what?

but i do sorta kinda see her point and respect her (maybe?) for calling out the chinese gov't and being all hip to support tibetan freedom. does she hang out with richard gere and the dalai lama now?

as long as she doesn't have a chinese character tatoo, then i'm fine with it. heh.

i have to add that upon a week's reflection of yr show, i am still astounded by yr courage and conviction, and amused by yr musings and observations.

i have longed to hear anyone say that there is a HUGE difference among the various asian countries and backgrounds that is so often ignored. like when they do world cup qualifying, have you noticed that countries like kuwait are in the "asian division"? wtf? yeah.

so big ups to you for calling that out. so great to see that yelled from the stage, esp by someone who isn't even asian his damn self.